• This is a woman

      This is a woman

      8th of March – International Women‘s Day. Every year this day causes debate: whether it’s necessary or unnecessary to congratulate women on this day? Some people thinks that this celebration is a relic of soviet system and it’s unnecessary to commemorate, other people, who are interested in learning more about this day origins, understands that International Women’s Day is not the former occupiers' wisdom.

      Anyway, both one and the other way, 8th of March does not go unnoticed. “Bastions” of tulips like mushrooms after rain sprouts on the eve of this day, as a sign to men not to forget to congratulate beloved ladies. Some follow this advice, others don't. The matter of choice. Be that as it may, this day forces us to look back at the way women go: from creating and nurturing the family to active participation in politics, and often from state policy making.

      Famous women in Lithuania are also not lacking: many representatives of culture, sports, education, medicine, politics, who celebrate Lithuania's name on the world stage by their activities and works. Also, no less attention is paid to the less famous women who become their invisible heroes in their daily work, their daily existence and struggle for the better tomorrow.

      On this day, congratulating the woman, we invite you to see the virtual exhibition "This is a Woman", where a woman's portrait is revealed in works, created by three famous first half of the 20th centuries painters by Adomas Galdikas, Petras Kalpokas and Vladas Eidukevičius, in protected Lithuanian art museum collections.

Objects of the exhibition

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