• The charm of the moment in the photos of Romualdas Rakauskas

      The charm of the moment in the photos of Romualdas Rakauskas

      Romualdas Rakauskas was born in 1941. August 19, at Akmenė. 1959-1962 studied journalism at Vilnius University. 1961-1963 Photo Correspondent of the weekly Literature and Art, 1963-1967. - Photo Correspondent of Our Nature magazine, 1967-2004. editor of the illustrations section of the Nemunas magazine, since 2004 - collaborator of the weekly Nemunas.

      Since 1970 is a member of the Lithuanian Union of Photographers, since 1976. is an honorary member of the International Federation of Artistic Photography (FIAP).

      The following works have been acquired by: Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers (Vilnius); Lithuanian Art Museum (Vilnius), Museum of Photography (Šiauliai); National Library (Paris, France); Daniela Mrazkova Collection (Prague, Czech Republic); Canon Photo Gallery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands); International Center for Photography (New York, USA); R. I. P. Permanent Center (Arles, France); FIAP Collection (Lausanne, Switzerland).

      Romualdas Rakauskas is one of the founders of the Lithuanian School of Photography. This school, which was made up of a small group of Lithuanian photo artists, was widely written and debated in the 1960s and 1970s. denied the canons and ideas of former Soviet photography, promoted by former war correspondents from 1941 to 1945, who had a strong influence on the post-war Lithuanian press and photography publications. R. Rakauskas, by his poetic nature, tries to make the good world even better. The heroes of his photographs are beautiful in the even more beautiful backdrop of being. This is his goal as an artist. He refuses to dramatize the world in a straightforward manner, but at first glance the fragility of beauty is so strongly portrayed in the highly optimistic "Blooms", "Spring Girls" that Romualdo's photographic poetry speaks to the sadness and temporality of being.

      "It's worth giving a lifetime of photography because there are things that come to your mind only in time - you look at works that capture what has already been lost and are happy to have been with the camera on time and place ..." - he said in an interview photographer.

      2013 A photography exhibition was held in Russia, with Romualdas Rakauskas also taking part. One of the journalists who participated in the exhibition, R. Rakauskas, asked what photography taught him, and he replied: “I am a happy person because I have been able to write and take pictures for a lifetime. I am very grateful to the wife who allowed me to be an artist in this life. She handles business and I make money and I create. The most precious thing about photography is that you meet a lot of different, interesting people. Journalism gives you the opportunity to meet, interact and photograph them every day. This is a great joy, especially when photography succeeds. It is very interesting to see who got it, juxtaposed it, put it down. Because it brings more joy than disappointment. ”

      The text is based on R. Rakauskas' personal file at the Library of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers and information published on the Internet.

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