• Unplayed reality in Alexander Macijauskas' photos

      Unplayed reality in Alexander Macijauskas' photos

      Aleksandras Macijauskas was born in 1938. May 16, Kaunas. 1962 graduated from high school. 1977 attended lecturer courses. 1973-1977 independently studied Western philosophy. 1967-1973 worked as a photo correspondent of Kaunas branch of "Evening News". 1973 In 1974 he was responsible secretary of the Lithuanian Society of Photographers in Vilnius. - Chairman of Kaunas Branch. 1978 A. Macijauskas was named a photographer by the International Federation of Photographers in 1994. - the honorary title of deserving photographer. Since 1971 is a member of the Lithuanian Union of Journalists. 1998 awarded the Order of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas, 5th degree, 2004. - Lithuanian Art Creators Association Award, 2006 Bali Burach Prize. 2006 The President of Poland was awarded the Golden Cross Award in 2008; - Kaunas City Municipality Culture and Art Prize.

      A.Macijauskas has been participating in exhibitions since 1965. His work has been exhibited alongside artists such as Werner Bischof, Bill Brandt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz, Paul Strand and Edward Weston. He has participated in more than 150 exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

      His most important works include "Demonstrations" (1965-1985), "Lithuanian Rural Markets" (1968-1987), "Veterinary Clinics" (1977-1994), "Memory" (1965-2004), "Outgoing Trees" (1984–2001), Kaunas through the windows of a bus (2007–2009).

      “Aleksandras Macijauskas creates photographs from particles of everyday reality. The interactions he portrays become portrayed characters, talking freely about life. Such expressions have deep roots in art history, beginning with Picasso's "Guernica" and ending with the details of Goya's life. "Steve Yates, Museum of New Mexico, 2001

      "Alexander Macijauskas, who started circling photography in 1964, is one of our most controversial incarnations of a" destabilizing "temperament capable of focusing on real and virtual reality, covering everything from reportage to grotesque. 2005

      "Photography is visual literature. Her most important works are narrated by images. Literacy uses the flexibility of the word, the breadth of concepts, while the visual artwork is completed by the viewer. I find it interesting to talk about characters. Philosopher Henri Bergson famously put it - art is intuition. First of all, instinct. Man as a dog knows what to bite, who doesn't need what grass to find in the meadow ... But instinct is often not enough, so let's add intelligence - experience, education. Then we will reach the intuition that is the basis of all creation.
      My work is a studio, albeit to answer philosophical questions of the time, but in a peculiar way, with ridicule. Pieces taken from life, like Veterinary Clinics, Rural Markets, Demos, are pure, quality photojournalism. Likewise, when writing a documentary, it is important to mention certain facts, to collect data, but when you find a cunning word, noticing bends, the human personality is enhanced and then the great art is found. ” Aleksandras Macijauskas.

      The text is based on the personal file of A. Macijauskas at the Library of the Lithuanian Union of Art Photographers and information published on the Internet.

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