• History Of Measuring Time and Clocks

      History Of Measuring Time and Clocks

      In various times human beings attempted to find an answer to the question: "What is time?". Since the old times all developed civilizations have been trying to know the time, learn to calculate and manage it. However, these tasks are not as simple as it may seem from the first glance. Nations of the world understood time differently and a unified time calculation system appeared only in the 19th century. In this virtual exhibition the Clock Museum invites to have a brief look at the history of timekeeping devices and the changes in shape and design of clocks and watches during various times.

      1978 is considered to be the beginning of the activity of the Clock Museum, when the first exhibition of ancient clocks and watches was opened in Klaipėda Picture Galery. In it, the exhibits of the city’s collectors Vytautas Jakelaitis, Dionyzas Varkalys, Stasys Gadeikis, Liudas Mažūnas were presented. The exhibition aroused big interest among Klaipėda residents and city guests, therefore, in 1979, the Lithuanian Art Museum's Clock Department was established which after five years was reorganized to the Clock Museum.

Objects of the exhibition

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