• Exibits of Pranas Domšaitis Gallery

        Exibits of Pranas Domšaitis Gallery

      Pranas Domšaitis originated from Lithuania Minor, he was a pupil of the Königsberg Art Academy; he earned fame in Germany after the First World War and in South Africa after the Second World War.
      The Pranas Domšaitis Gallery, a branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum in Klaipėda, was opened in 1973. It is situated in four buildings of the late 19th–early 20th centuries integrated in one complex. Since 2001 the gallery hosts a permanent exhibition of the works by the expressionist painter Pranas Domšaitis – 665 artworks were donated by the Lithuanian Foundation in the United States. There you may also see long-term exhibitions of works by Lithuanian exile artists – a marine painter Česlovas Janušas and a sculptor Vytautas Kašuba.

Objects of the exhibition

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