• Distaff Decoration

        Distaff Decoration

      Distaff decorations from the collection of folk art of Lithuanian Art Museum are displayed in this virtual exhibition.
      These wood carvings were made by talented and skilful folk art masters in the second half of the 19th c. through the first decades of the 20th c.
      The most distaff decorations remained from the Central and North Samogitia. It embodied various shapes, but the most frequent shape is of two connected circles that are abundantly decorated. Masters damasked distaff decorations by trimming geometric ornaments or herbal patterns. Inventively joined simple geometric motives (triangles, crosses) create impressive patterns.
      Amorous youngsters and husbands praised their women by bestowing distaff decorations. Creative patterns encoded the best wishes and lovely words.

Objects of the exhibition

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